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Solo board riding is such a great way of experiencing everything surfing has to offer. No wave is the same and no surfer rides the waves in the same way. Solo riding can be seen in many forms and styles. This way of surfing is great for anyone who can self support in either a prone, kneeling or stand up variation



Our seated board is a fantastic way to experience surfing for those less able to self support for periods of time. The mounted seat is super comfy and allows for a fully supported surf session. It is mounted on an 11'6 board which means it is extremely stable to enable the participant to feel safe and comfortable whilst also being able to catch some epic waves. 

Adaptive disabled surfing Cornwall Seated board riding


Tandem surfing is epic fun! The feeling and rush of riding a wave with the benefits of having a coach riding along with you. This style of surfing can be seen in many forms from laying prone to kneeling with support from one of our coaches. It allows the rider to experience surfing in the way that suits them.

Adaptive disabled surfing Cornwall tandem kneeling


The goal in surfing is to have fun and surf the way you want to! For some people that is riding a wave standing. With the tandem standing approach you get to experience this whilst having one of our coaches join you. It's so much fun and, with their knowledge of navigating waves, allows you the most time to enjoy the experience.

Adaptive disabled surfing Cornwall tandem standing

Getting you ready for your surf session

At the start of your session you will meet your instructor and they will take you through the type of equipment that may be needed for your surf!

Check out the types of things we wear below!

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